"... The MND and Me Foundation would like to thank the Wantz Committee for supporting Queenslanders with Motor Neurone Disease last year.  Having the right equipment at the right time is critical for maintaining quality of life.

We have no affiliation with MNDAQ, but we do come into contact with many of the same clients.  I know post the dinner there was a surge in equipment available and I can only assume that this was due to the great efforts of your Committee and supporters..."
Paul Olds
MND and Me Foundation

"So delighted to hear of the evening’s success! You should be congratulated on such good work, the world needs wonderful organisations such as WANTZ. We are very proud to be even a small part of the success."
Gina Prior,
Sales Manager,
Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa Gold Coast.

"The members of the WANTZ Committee are a dynamic, motivated and hard-working team who achieved outstanding success in their fundraising efforts on our behalf. The Spinal Injuries Association will always be grateful to the WANTZ Committee for their tremendous contribution of $175,000 towards much-needed equipment for our high-support clients. It was a pleasure working together with them and we commend their commitment and dedication to raising funds for not-for-profit organisations such as ours."
Mark Henley
Chief Executive Officer
Spinal Injuries Association

"People with multiple sclerosis in Queensland have been the beneficiaries of the recognition of the challenges of MS and a determination by the WANTZ Committee, both individually and as a collective, to make a difference, not once, but twice. Just when you think that this small group of professional women are doing more to raise money & garner community support than their busy lives will permit, they prove you wrong – they give more. And they are not afraid to take on the difficult challenges. The WANTZ Committee does not simply choose the popular causes that will ensure fundraising success. I salute them."
Trevor Farrel
Executive Director
MS Australia - QLD

“I wish to extend my personal thanks to the WANTZ Committee and to the very generous donors who gave to this cause. We feel most fortunate that the Spinal Injuries Association were chosen this past year to be the recipient of the Committee's efforts. The members of the Committee are busy with their careers and families but put aside their valuable time to give assistance, largely un-acknowledged, within the community. The donors themselves largely receive no public recognition of their gifts so I want to take this opportunity to assure them that they truly are making a difference to others' lives.”
Dr Michael Beem

"My husband and I have supported WANTZ for many years  because we trust it to make the best use of our philanthropic dollar. WANTZ chooses to support small low profile organisations that provide  direct services to those who are ill or have disabilities. Charity can be big business these days.  Many high profile charities are successful fundraisers because their cause touches many people. This in turn allows them to appoint professional fundraisers, compete for charitable donations and progressively build their profile and donation base.  The WANTZ organisations are, by comparison, orphans.  They serve smaller groups of people with less common but by no means less devastating diseases and disabilities. They do not attract major donations because they do not have the funds to invest in their own profile. They need our support. I have seen how WANTZ works. Not a dollar is wasted and every dollar raised makes an immediate difference to somebody’s life. For us, that ticks all boxes for charitable giving. Well done WANTZ!"
Bev and Frank Tomlinson
30 July 2010.

"The AEIOU Foundation is a charity making a significant difference for children with autism. Our autism-specific centres located throughout Queensland assist young children to reach their maximum potential by supporting them full time with a team of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Early Childhood Teachers. Many of the children start the AEIOU program unable to communicate or engage with their families and leave transformed, ready to start their next level of schooling. The WANTZ Sponsorship was directed to the purchase of Interactive Whiteboards and Communication Devices for the children. The Interactive Whiteboards have proved to be very beneficial to the children at our centres. As children with autism tend to be visual learners the board captures their attention and allows them to physically interact with the program. The children are motivated to participate, turn-take and complete tasks. The interactive whiteboard is used for a variety of activities throughout the day such as interactive story and singing time, social stories, and number work. The improvement in the whole class focus is due to the very visual nature of teaching with the whiteboard, it has really motivated the children, andactivities can be modelled more clearly. The Electronic Communication Devices have allowed non verbal children to participate throughout the day. Using “Real-Voice” technology, thedevices provide speech playback at a high audio quality.;The WANTZ funding has allowed us to significantly enhance our service to children with autism with positive outcomes and these techniques are now being adopted across our network of Statewide network of centres."
Dr James Morton
Chair and Founder, AEIOU
Suncorp Community Queenslander of the Year, 2010Foundation
Ernst and Young, Social Entrepreneur, 2010.