The WANTZ Committee was established in 2003 in response to a need in the community to help in a very practical way. The name WANTZ is an acronym of the names of the five original committee members, and it also represents what the committee does - every year the WANTZ Committee chooses a charity organization to support and fundraises for equipment the chosen charity has on its 'WANTZ Wish List'. Please visit our webpage 'ABOUT US' for more information about our Committee Members.

Each year to date the WANTZ Committee has raised an increasing amount, with the sum total amount of over $2,000,000 raised from 2003 to 2017, but only with the very generous and continuing support of our Sponsors without whom this would not have been possible. In 2017, the WANTZ Committee was delighted to have the opportunity to raise $180,000 on behalf of Hummingbird House. For more information about Hummingbird House, please check out our OUR WORK 2017 page.


  • ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all funds donated goes directly to the charity we are supporting.
  • We pay no wages or honorariums.
  • Postage costs are donated by one of our key partners.
  • Committee members volunteer all their time (and energy).

We are in need of the generous support of Sponsors who can assist us with our fundraising to buy urgently required items of equipment. For more details as to how you can help, please turn to our 'DONATIONS' webpage. With the generosity and continuing support of our Sponsors, the valuable work of this organization can continue with the maximum effectiveness.

Each year the culmination of the WANTZ Committee's fundraising every year has been a spectacular dinner. where guests have included leading members of Brisbane's medical, legal, banking, government and business communities. This year the WANTZ Committee Dinner was held on Friday 8th September 2017 at Customs House Long Room.


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